The gift of laughter

This morning I was having a bit of a pity poo party with myself as one does occasionally and as I drove  to my regular My Time group I even had a little cry. As I sat in the car before I went inside I had a little chat to God and asked for some encouragement. So I sniffed away the tears and proceeded to go to my weekly group.

It wasn’t long before  we were having a bit of a laugh about something and one of the autistic kids started laughing at me and I started laughing at him and he started laughing at me and the next thing you know we were in hysterics and then everyone was laughing!!!!

What a gift and a swift answer to my prayer!! Laughter is awesome and we all need to do it!!! Here’s a post that I wrote ages ago about the gift of laughter

A year with Instagram

Reflection time as I think about my year with Instagram.

If you have never had the experience of Instagram I can tell you now that it is mighty additive and I often refer to it as a visual Twitter.  It is a free app that lets you play with your iphone pics’s (Instagram will soon be available to other smart phones too) and is also interactive.  At first I had no clue about that social part as all I wanted to do was be experimental with my pic’s  on the iphone!!!

When I started to get notifications due to people liking my pic’s and commenting, that was it!! try to stop me!! For a bit longer than a year and I’m still enjoying my Instagram experience!!!

So let me reflect:

  •  I love how I can always grab an image that strikes me instead of saying to myself “If only I had the camera, that will make a great photo”
  • I get inspired daily by beautiful pictures and creative thinkers
  • I get to be creative
  • I love the instant nature of Instagraming
  • I use many of my pictures for posts and that makes me feel creative and happy 🙂
  • I think that I may be repeating myself????
  • It has become an artistic platform that encourages me to continue taking pictures of the world around me
  • I don’t care if the photo’s diminish in quality due to the filters!!… perfection stifles creativity!!
  • I love that perfection is taken out of the equation…for goodness sake!! must I burn that in more?????

So that is just a brief expression of how I have enjoyed my year on IG and I recommended it all the time 🙂


I  know that I’ve used this song before but I felt that it was fitting to use it with this image that  is seen below. This song evokes something in me just like the image. It’s like a stirring within me that shows me how thirsty I am for the presence of God. I am a person who is emotionally self sufficient and some would say, that I am a coper.
I have never been needy and sometimes I have judged others who appear as though they are. Sometimes being this way makes me forget how much God wants to bless and look after me. As much as I have the ability for emotional  sufficiency  God still wants to nurture my soul with His tenderness and love. This walk is a journey. It is one step in front of the other. It is surrender and exchange. It is love.

Journey, worn, old, tired, afraid, stories, adventure


Take the leap, uncharted, new, stepping out,


Pain, turbulence, humility,

lost at sea.

Found again, return, not to the past, return,  to the beginning.

not my own understanding


This is the long haul,


joy, peace, patience,  kindness, goodness,

faithfulness, gentleness,  self-control

the nourishment of them

shall sustain you

along the way


Yielded, pliable, surrendered

comfortable, complacent,

indifferent, sentimental wanting yesteryear.

shut down


but not for long.

The Captain is here.


Believe, courage, continue on

With feet planted firmly on the rock

trust and obedience.

The journey continues

one foot on front of the next


to brighter days.

Days that can not be imagined

yet waiting


hiding in the wings of refuge

knowing safety within the fortress.



It is finished

So, The big 40 hey!!!

Well as I begin to scribe this it’s 11:36pm on the 21st of March which now makes me 40 years old!!!! How did my day go?? Well for most of the day, uneventful apart from all the Facebook love. I’m not complaining about this as I had a very relaxing day. Last year I was caught in a flood and found myself stranded at a servo with all the other stranded souls wanting to get home. Lets just say it was one of the most eventful birthdays I had ever encountered so this year I was counting on some down time!!

So as I reflect upon reaching the big 40 milestone I sit and ponder of the year I was born. It was 1972 and being that I am interested in history I thought I might share some of the things that occurred in 1972.

Well there is just a few things among the many things that occur in just one year. For me the important event was that I was born and got to be alive. 40 years doesn’t feel that long and I don’t feel old, I feel like the best is yet to come!!!

I don’t like cats but they like me!!!

I always find it a strange thing when I visit someone who has a cat and they say to me  “our cat hates people” and I say “well they will love me because I don’t like them” and sure enough give it about 15min and the cat is rubbing it’s back on my leg, sitting on my lap and purring like we are good buddies!!!

I am a cat magnet and I suppose if I had a low self esteem this might just perk me up a bit but I don’t really think it has anything to do with my magnetic personality but everything to do with the narcissistic  nature of cats. I really don’t care about cats so therefore I NEVER pay attention to them and I am sure that this is what makes me attractive to them.

I think this is quite reflective of some people out there. This is not official research just my own observation of being an interactive person of society. There have been some people who I have met who at first glance want nothing to do with me. How do I now this? Um, you know when someone has contempt for you. In response to those people I put out my “oh you’re just a cat personality” persona and guess what happens next??? It doesn’t really take that long but sure enough little miss/mr narcissus wants to be my friend!!!!

These type of people are not real friends but only want to have friendship to serve their own purpose and see a person like me as a challenge. This is a deceptive way to friendship and I don’t want any part of it in my life. At least with birds I know they hate me and there’s never any confusion there!!!

Let me explain. Birds hate me, yes they do but at least I know where I stand with them. When I was a young lass we owned a budgie called Nipper it would bite, yell and scream venom at me daily. Yet  with my brother, Nipper would affectionately sit on his shoulder and tweet sweet nothings as they caressed cheek to beak!!!

In fact  it wasn’t just Nipper with this attitude towards me but other birds that came into out sphere and lived in a cage at our house. I go a step further and say magpies hate me too!! I have been swooped many times and it just about freaks me out come spring time!!!! I have never done anything bad to birds, they just hate me!! Alfred Hitchcock was onto something I think!!

So, if your cats hates you just hate it back and you will get all the affection you crave!!!

Weekly photo challenge:Distorted

This is a distorted photograph of a glassed and framed photograph in a cafe I go to weekly. Did you get that?? It was a bit wordy wasn’t it!! This of course is a photograph of beautiful lady who is now a legend and died too early.

Without bagging out the legend of Marilyn Monroe I want to respectfully mention how this image is a distorted reflection of the truth about what beauty and happiness is. This image is a creation of a skilled person who knew that it would set the world on fire. It worked, but at what price??

This is a beautiful image but as I look at her life behind the mask I don’t want it, I just want to be content with the life I have been given and cherish it till the day I die.

So what’s my niche???

Lately I have been asking myself the question of “what’s my niche?” What type of artist do I want to be and what is success anyway? Before my son arrived on the scene I was out there having exhibitions and spending loads of money with no financial rewards. Mind you, the rewards came in the form of the thrill of being out there and receiving feedback!!

Today my creativity has been Instagraming,  blogs and writing songs and for a awhile I had felt a little discouraged about not being “out there’…….but when you think about it, social networking is “out there’.

So anyway, I have recently felt the urge to paint again but I don’t want to do commissions and I don’t want to try to discover my niche. To be honest I’m a bit over it and I don’t want to try to please anyone…oh dear, does that sound too narcissistic??? I continue with saying I don’t want to paint pretty pictures that appease the masses or nor do I want to paint generic images that they sell in department stores….oh dear, now I’ve gone all grandiose…the confessions of an artistic snob!!!!

So what  solution have I come up with?? Considering that I am currently studying to become a teacher, that will be my bread and butter. I have always wanted to be a teacher and I feel very passionate about becoming one. This thought then gives me the freedom to just be an artist. It’s the act of creativity that gets me going and of late I have felt the strong urge to paint while everyone is worshipping at church. I am sure soon that will happen and the thought of it just thrills me. Who knows where it can go?? All I know is that freedom is connected and the pressure to perform in a financial way is absent.

Perhaps being an outstanding teacher is my niche?? Perhaps just painting from my heart and not being concerned about “will this sell” is my niche?? So what is my niche?? I don’t care as I am free!!!!!