The Lake

Today I decided to take a walk around the lake. I often find that walking inspires me and makes me feel refreshed. It’s a time where I can calm my thoughts and sort stuff out. Along with being my main type of physical excise, I find that walking also assists in the creative process. I always take my iphone along and for the first time ever I dropped and cracked my screen arrrhhhhh. Never mine, I still got some lovely shots of the lake.

The unexpected morning adventure!!!

This morning turned out quite different from how I planned, but all is good as I was then able to take a 25 minute stroll to my regular My Time outing while capturing heaps of images ready to be Instagramed.

It’s Book Week today at my son’s school and normally¬†parents¬†and family go along to join the fun. This is where it’s always a good thing to read the school news letter¬†carefully, as I turned up today and there were no other parents present…….¬†awkward!! So I asked at the office and was¬†enlightened¬†that¬†because¬†education week was not too far away a¬†mufti¬†day with a theme was¬†sufficient.

Oh dear and today I was without a car so I caught a bus to the school (my son gets a special bus to school). I then had two¬†choices, to catch the bus back home or walk to My time and¬†hopefully¬†scab a lift from one of the other mum’s who attend the group.

I believe that I made the best choice of walking to my destination as it was very relaxing and indeed my friend was there and she dropped me off at my local shopping centre.

Below is a few of the photos that I took along the way.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

There are many ways that a person can create.

Below are some of the tools that I use when I create  a painting

I love this little suit case. I bought it at Windang markets for $2.50. I love it because it reminds me of the type of suit case I had when I was in primary school!!!

Here are some more tools that are used to create a different type of art.

You can use music to create atmosphere!!

The picture below shows how you can create using a few different mediums.

I created the first image with my iphone using Instagram. I then created an blurb book which informed the drawing which is on the left. I then made a diptic image which then went through Instagram again!!!

That was a mouthful!!

A year with Instagram

Reflection time as I think about my year with Instagram.

If you have never had the experience of Instagram I can tell you now that it is mighty additive and I often refer to it as a visual Twitter. ¬†It is a free app that lets you play with your iphone pics’s (Instagram will soon be available to other¬†smart phones¬†too) and is also interactive. ¬†At first I had no clue about that¬†social¬†part as all I wanted to do was be¬†experimental¬†with¬†my pic’s ¬†on the iphone!!!

When I started to get¬†notifications¬†due to people liking¬†my pic’s and commenting, that was it!! try to stop me!! For a bit longer than a year and I’m still enjoying my Instagram experience!!!

So let me reflect:

  • ¬†I love how I can always grab an image that strikes me instead of saying to myself “If only I had the camera, that will make a great photo”
  • I get inspired daily by¬†beautiful¬†pictures and creative thinkers
  • I get to be creative
  • I love the instant nature of Instagraming
  • I use many of my pictures for posts and that makes me feel creative and happy ūüôā
  • I think that I may be repeating myself????
  • It has become an¬†artistic¬†platform that encourages me to continue taking pictures of the world around me
  • I don’t care if the photo’s¬†diminish¬†in quality due to the¬†filters!!…¬†perfection stifles creativity!!
  • I love that perfection is taken out of the equation…for goodness sake!! must I burn that in more?????

So that is just a brief expression of how I have enjoyed my year on IG and I¬†recommended¬†it all the time ūüôā

Weekly photo challenge: Peaceful

This is a very peaceful place.

When I go there I like to float

and enjoy the immersion.

I like to look at the sky and look at the land and feel the space that I am a part of.

Fresh air, clean salty water and views to make me feel good.

Take the time to float

and enjoy peaceful surrounds.

It’s worth it.

It’s a gift.

Be thankful and treasure it.

It’s okay to stop, even God rested on the 7th day!!

Look after yourselves.