A glass of ice with lemonade!!

Who knew that a glass of ice with lemonade could be so entertaining??

We took a big risk today taking our son out for lunch in a crowded cafe/restaurant. It’s always a tad stressful and we have avoided doing it for some time.

As we were waiting for a table he nearly started to have a melt down but was able to calm down when we were directed to a table…… phew crisis diverted!! We ordered lemonade for him and when it came it was the best calming thing I have ever seen 🙂

He was busy stirring the lemonade, putting the ice in his mouth and later blowing bubbles!! These are all sensory things that had an obvious calming effect on him…I can’t wait to tell the OT, she’ll be stoked!!!!!

So the risk paid off and we had a lovely family time at a crowded restaurant……..nice 🙂

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