The Blue Light Disco

Oh dear, more discussions about  nostalgia!!

Today I was reminiscing with myself about the Blue light Disco and I’m shocked to find that there is a website and they still exist!!!!

I was a teenager when the Blue light disco was in full swing and they were awesome. I felt so grown up going to them and dancing to the latest music played on radio and Countdown. 

One memory that strikes out at me is at the end of every BLD they would play Fifty Years by Uncanny X-Men and everyone would be pashing off. Except me of course, as I was a nerd and didn’t have a boyfriend until I was 16 and when it came to my first pashing experience I just wanted to go back to the fantasy……pashing!! so overrated!!!

Well lets move on to the next memory that is a little less tragic and had nothing to do with my lack of love life. I won a dancing competition to this song by Black Lace Agadoo.

Hang on! Did I did mention something about being less tragic????

This is tragic!!!

Anyway, I won a huge basket of Easter eggs for being the best dancer…..and let it be known that’s no fantasy!!!!

Other things that were experienced at the BLD was the odd celebrity from A Country Practice or Son’s and Daughters 

We also had dress ups where I was a punk and put cochineal in my hair (ugh…just found out it was made from bugs!!). We also got to see break dancers and lots of other stuff!!

Man!! How cool were my early teens 🙂


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