My Getaway 2015

Another year and another getaway at the same place  This time I got to meet the owner and she is lovely. Going back to the same place feels like I’m building a relationship with the place, house, owner and myself. It’s a special thing and even though some things are the same, many things are different.

On my first day I went and sat on black beach again and did some nature art

And the really cool thing was that the next day when I went to the Kiama Farmers Markets, my art was still there

When I went back to the house I explored the backyard as I normally would do and I found a new addition to the place.


Every time I come here the backyard becomes more magical with every stay

The next day was my big event: walking the coastal walk from Gerringong to Kiama 

I am crazy. I caught the train to Gerringong, had an egg and bacon roll from the bakery then rocked down to the Werri Lagoon. Who knew that Werri beach was soooo looooong. Anyway I made it and as soon as I was on the trail I felt immediate  peace.

What an amazing walk. My favourite part is the section between Werri Lagoon and Loves Bay where all you can see is blue sky, blue ocean, green hills and the occasional cow. It’s so dominate that it feeds your soul and does something to nourish it in a way you can’t imagine.

When I got to Loves Bay I was then walking along side civilisation and although it’s still spectacular it holds a different atmosphere. Finally I arrived at The Little Blow hole and to my absolute bitter disappointment the cafe that is close by was  closed……aaaarrrrrhhhhh

I had to regroup my thoughts because if you are familiar with Kiama you would know in order for me to get into town I would have to walk up and down a few hills. To regroup I sat on a bench under a tree that overlooks Kendalls beach and gave myself a talking to. “Listen here Tamar, just walk down that path that goes to Kendalls beach caravan park then take that short cut that leads to the other caravan park on top of the hill and then you will see Surf beach and there a coffee shall await you”…….Amen!

So that I did.

When I arrived at The Karari Bar on Surf Beach I was met with a lovely welcome from the owner. I told her that I had just walked from Gerringong and immediately she was offering me a seat and a class of water. Great hospitality and of course, coffee.

That afternoon when I got back to my accommodation I was wreaked but it was a good wreaked, it’s the wreaked that you never regret because you’ve achieved an amazing feat and fulfilled a long term goal.

This is me wreaked in the park

I slept well that night and woke the next morning and said goodbye to yet another getaway feeling refreshed, accomplished and ready to face the world.


Train Date

Today I took my little man for a train date and it was a lovely and enjoyable experience. Every holidays he asks about going on the train so this holiday I put it in my diary to make sure it happened.

I decided that Thirroul would be a nice place to venture.

When we arrived we walked to the beach and my son played at this super-duper park

And to my surprise, Thirroul has an Olympic sized salt water pool…..and what a lovely looking pool it is indeed.

Thirroul beach also has moments where one can practice their parkour if one so chooses to do so.

We then went for a walk to Austinmer beach, with some more parkour along the way.

The Austie beach rock pools were rocking today and I was impressed with the committed swimmers that I witnessed today bobbing about out there.

I love how the dressing room building reflected the ocean. It was all harmonious and music to my eyes.

After our walking excursion to Austinmer we headed back to Thirroul for some refreshments before the trip home. We entered one cafe and asked if they served ham sandwiches. No they didn’t, but they served toast. I was thinking, You could just serve the bread pre-toasted? I took a moment to ponder this question and thought, I don’t think that they deserve my intelligence nor money so we went somewhere else.

Yeah for people who serve sandwiches. Tin Shed Cafe

The food and service were great and I’ll be going back there again for sure. We had lunch, used the elevators at the station (a new obsession) and enjoyed the train ride back home. A lovely successful day if you ask me.


Making The Connection

The first day of my 2013 retreat I had one of those moments that make you go, Duh! It was as I stepped foot on the sand at Black beach Kiama where I suddenly realised why it was called so…..the sand is black! I was born in Kiama and have lived most of my life in the surrounding area and have never before made that connection. I have always known it to have black sand and known its name but for some reason the connection was missing.

Could it be that it has always been so and I have never needed to question my knowledge?

Once I had my moment of revelation I decided to sit on the pebbles and before I knew it, I was immersed in the wonder of millions of tiny pebbles and their texture. I played with them as though I was a child and time did not matter.

I let myself just be carried away with the moment and enjoyed exploring the familiar as though it were new. The familiar, of course being that I was sitting in a place that I have known all of my life.

I then began to play with bigger rocks and decided to do some nature art

It was a great start to my retreat as I was relaxed and satisfied. It made me also realise that exploring the familiar is a worthwhile thing to do and it reminded me not to take for granted my husband who I’ve been married to for 15 years.

Evidence of the Pterodactyl!!!

Move over Nessy, Big foot, The Yeti and Bunyip, I now have evidence of the existence of the commonly thought of extinct Pterodactyl.

As I was on my treacherous coastal walk I came upon a staircase build so long ago. It took me down to a hidden beach with a huge rock and to my great delight I saw this

When I saw this I was trembling with such excitement and couldn’t wait to share this with a chap who is so old that he used to ride the Pterodactyl to school when he was just a young lad!!!

Needless to say, when I showed him the photograph of the big dropping on the rock he nearly peed his pants like an excited little puppy.

It brought so much nostalgia back to him as he remembered his childhood so long ago. It was then that my ears glazed over and my eyes could only see the memory of that big splat on the rock along with a ching sound of money flowing my way.

As I moved on with the sun beating down on me I came across the most extraordinary sight and surely you would not have believed me if I had not grabbed a quick shot.

A gecko-like crocodile

What is this place???? Is it safe???

This  walk leaves many questions unanswered!!

Beware……………………………. pterodactyl!!!!!!!!!!