Evidence of the Pterodactyl!!!

Move over Nessy, Big foot, The Yeti and Bunyip, I now have evidence of the existence of the commonly thought of extinct Pterodactyl.

As I was on my treacherous coastal walk I came upon a staircase build so long ago. It took me down to a hidden beach with a huge rock and to my great delight I saw this

When I saw this I was trembling with such excitement and couldn’t wait to share this with a chap who is so old that he used to ride the Pterodactyl to school when he was just a young lad!!!

Needless to say, when I showed him the photograph of the big dropping on the rock he nearly peed his pants like an excited little puppy.

It brought so much nostalgia back to him as he remembered his childhood so long ago. It was then that my ears glazed over and my eyes could only see the memory of that big splat on the rock along with a ching sound of money flowing my way.

As I moved on with the sun beating down on me I came across the most extraordinary sight and surely you would not have believed me if I had not grabbed a quick shot.

A gecko-like crocodile

What is this place???? Is it safe???

This  walk leaves many questions unanswered!!

Beware……………………………. pterodactyl!!!!!!!!!!

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