The broken drum

For Christmas my son received a little drum kit that he absolutely loved and banged the life out of it……like yeah….it’s now broken!!!!

He has a passion for drums and last year even declared that “One day I will be a drummer”. Well according to him, that day has already arrived as he now thinks himself as a drummer and when I showed him Animal on Youtube he was talking like some expert and I some novice with no drum knowledge what so ever!!

So now the lovely little drum kit is broken (and I mean broken as in little pieces) and today he took it to school for NEWS. I even had to buckle the pieces up when I drove them to school. He is so proud of his drum that he doesn’t seem to care that it’s broken. It really got me thinking about how meaningfulness comes in many forms. Just because the drum kit is broken doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hold some significant meaning to my son.

I wrote this for my status update on Facebook: Zachy took his broken drums for news today….. I even had to buckle it up in the car!!!…. Funny how meaning varies from people to people!!!

This is what Jason my husband wrote: He is a musician in the making, no matter how crap your equipment is you still love the art and the tools that make the music.

I think that says it all……………if you have a passion for music making, art or any creative expression that we should not be limited by the lack of tools but push through and be creative.  On a deeper note, if we ourselves are broken then know that we are worth something to someone. I mean there was a bloke who paid with his life for our brokenness and thought we were worth it. Most people know him as Jesus.


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