Garden Gifts

I love it when my garden receives garden gifts.

My definition of a garden gift is where plants grow when I haven’t planted them. The most common garden gifts are pumpkins and tomatoes.

Here are some of my acquired gifts

This pumpkin vine is just one of many which have sprouted from the compost

Asian Greens

 Tromboncini Zucchini

I have to mention that this Tromboncini Zucchini vine died but came back to life and is now doing better than when it was first alive……I call it my Lazarus vine.

These are mango seeds that struck in my worm farm

And here are tomato plants

Garden gifts add a special spark to gardening and I am always grateful for the free food. I feel like it’s the way God had intended it.


Lets Talk About The Hair

Okay, lets talk about the hair!!

No; I am not doing a Britney Spears, I am not attempting any kind of rebellion, I am not trying to make a statement and I am not about to burn my bra (they are expensive).

I did it simply because I can. Yep, that’s right, I did it because I can and I had enough of my hair being long. I did it because I have the ability to make a choice and I quite like the look. It’s the fifth time that I’ve done this and every time I do, I feel liberated.

It always amuses me when people project their ideas upon why I would do this. If you can’t see that I do this for the act of freedom then you are mistaken.

It reminds me of the time  I cut my long blond hair when I was age 23 and wow, didn’t that create fear in others!!!!

I am not my hair I am Tamar 🙂

In spite of my recent peak of anxiety due to many stressful things happening in my life, I am happy. I am a person who enjoys life and has always felt free to be me. I like to break out in spontaneous singing and have a little dance. I like laughing and making others laugh too. I like to hold onto hope and live there, like some visionary who finds the future an exciting place. I live in the Truth and I know the truth. John 8:36 When The Truth sets you free you’re free indeed

I suggest that when you see me, gage your response and ask your self why?? Why are you thinking the thoughts you have? Don’t be afraid to be honest with yourself. You might just find something  out about your self??

Happy reflective thoughts xxxx

One Idea Leads to Another

Well, today at the garden I started off doing this

and ended up doing this

This was a lot of fun and very relaxing.

I am amazed at how much inspiration lives in a garden.

When I am creating and following an idea I feel like I’m a kid again.

It excites me and makes me feel happy.

It is delightful


I am living the dream

I don’t have much yet I am extremely rich

I feel like I am playing in My Father’s backyard

God made me a play ground full of peace and joy

When I am there I feel protected and loved

I don’t care what this world has to offer, who needs  the stress?

If that makes me some weird chick, then bring it on

I am free

When The Son set you free, you are free indeed.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

When I gazed over my photographs with Free Spirit in mind I immediately made the connection with this picture.

However, as I think about what Free Spirit is to me I think about myself.

I feel free as a bird to be who I am and never to worry about what people think of me. I became this way when I met Jesus when I was 17 years old. I took of the mask of expectation and just let myself be me.

I think a free spirit is one who knows their boundaries and will not allow themselves to be manipulated by others.

I remember a few years ago my Dad told me I as a Free Spirit.  It kind of shocked me at first but I took it on board. So in step with my Dad words, another picture needs to be added to this weeks challenge.


To be this free!!!

Imagine the urge to just spontaneously dance in a public space and not care what anybody thinks or says!!! Would you be able to do it? I’m not really sure that I could but the thought of it thrills me!! We go about our daily life living certain unspoken rules that keep us sensible and socially acceptable. What if we could be like this dancing man and just have no inhibitions?

Sometimes my life is already  like that due to having a child with VCFS. Not that I’m complaining about it, it’s just true like the embarrassing story of the bear in the cave. People who have an intellectual disability sometimes have their own social rules that makes them stand out of the crowd.

Anyway, back to the dancing man!!! He’s awesome and puts a smile on my face. We need people like this to show us how to not get caught up in our own self importance. He is showing us how to be free, he’s throwing of the cloak of restriction!!! Bless him, he’s an inspiration!!!!