My Heavenly Experience in an Earthly Gallery

A couple of days ago I popped into The City Gallery. Once there, I entered the main gallery space where there was four organs playing a continuous cord as a result of unmovable steel bars pressing on various notes. After some time viewing the art, I thought to myself “This could become quiet irritating after a while” . 

After examining one side of the exhibition (which is a round room) where my left ear was receiving the noise, I turned and faced the last wall.(my right ear then received the sound) The wall was filled with works on paper that were abstract paintings made up of blue, green and purple colours. It was at this point that the continuous note went from irritating too majestic.

I could not stop gazing at the works of art and being captured by such a splendid sound. I was having a moment that was heavenly and I began to sing. (no body else was present in the room, thank goodness. I may have looked like a nut-case otherwise lol). I sang and worshipped God and felt incredibly inspired. The moment was big and I felt surrounded by the peace of God. I really was stunned that I was having this experience,  but I can tell you that I needed it!!!

I walked away thinking “Wow, I think I just had a heavenly moment in an earthly gallery…that was unexpected!!”

Unexpected but welcome!!!!!


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