Creativity….it’s not just limited to the arty farties!!

I’ve been thinking a lot about what creativity is lately. Is it defined by if you can paint, play an instrument or any other of the creative art pursuits??

I’ve always considered myself a creative person as I have always been an artist and as soon as I knew how to play cords I could write songs. I thought every musician could write songs!!!

As I have been doing my latest subject for uni one of the topics was creativity and I had to really answer the question “What is creativity?”

The first thing that comes to mind is MacGyver…I’m serious, that bloke can do absolutely anything with his pocket knife!!!! It does not matter what type of pickle Mr Macgyver gets himself into, he can get out of it by using his pocket knife mixed with innovation!! Bravo!!!!! I also want to bring your attention to the Bush mechanics. If you ever get the chance to see this show it is totally worth it and is sheer brilliance!! These guys have beat up cars, break down in the middle of the desert and fix their problem with whatever is available to them at the time.

It’s about looking at what you have rather than what you don’t have and using it to your advantage. When there is a lack of instruments, don’t fret and ask your self what do I have? If you don’t have, then what can you invent? If you lack money for paints, never fear find something that makes a mark that is inexpensive and then just paint on whatever you have available. Check out Ian Fairweather  who would often paint on cardboard…Okay it doesn’t have  that longevity thing going for it  but don’t let that stop creativity from happening.

Creative thinking pulls out the stops and lets the plane fly, it releases ideas and solutions and provides a bit of hope where there is perhaps a lack of some sort, it helps us to think out side of conventions to get to the same place without using all of our resources. I would even strongly suggest that being creative makes us resourceful!!!

Often creativity looks like madness from the outside and I suppose that’s why it is crushed too easily out of people at a young age. I want to celebrate creativity and perhaps inspire others to rise up to the challenge of creative thinking!!!! All I know is that when I am being creative I am happy 🙂 and I know when you exercise that creative muscle it will release some of those blessed chemicals  called endorphins!!!


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