Uni….my first week!!!

So it’s been a week tomorrow that I’ve started my Uni Course and it’s been both stressful yet exhilarating. I’m doing my course online so for me the challenge has been learning to use the site and navigate my way around it.

I feel like I’m starting to find my feet and I’m hoping tomorrow I can organize the week better and get things done not at the last minute. Which is something I’ve always done in the past I was a last minute girl but I’m determined to change that aspect of me!!!

What I have found helpful in my studies has been to take my reading material to a variety of local cafe’s. For some, this may seem like a crazy idea but for me I find it works beautifully.  If I was to just stay home I would be so much more distracted then if I go out and grab a coffee while I do work!!!!

I enjoy the background noise that a public space has to offer. I feel that it urges me on to keep going until I finish my allocated task during the coffee session.

Another place that I found great was my home town library where I took my laptop and that’s where I learnt better how to navigate the blackboard and how the group forums work etc. It’s always a bit exciting when the light bulb goes on!!!!

I am however having a big struggle with the whole referencing thing. Yes I know it’s very important but it’s doing my head in!!!!!!!! It’s the same thing that did my head in when I was 22 and made my first uni attempt back in the early 90’s however, this time I’m not going to run.

So here’s to giving it a go and meeting all my challenges one by one!!


5 responses to “Uni….my first week!!!

  1. I am also at Uni doing on online course. I take my books with me everywhere practically – it’s been amazing how much of them I can download to my laptop, saving me from carrying so many books.

    It sounds as though you are off to a great start and the referencing thing will follow. My penny dropped last year with referencing. I just badgered my tutor until I knew I had it right. Once I got it right each time I had to reference I just looked back on previous work.

    Good luck. – Jacqueline

    • thanks Jacueline,
      It’s very challenging but I’m glad i’m doing it this way. it’s so much more flexible.
      So what is it that your’re studying? Forgive me if you have already mentioned it!!!

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