Some people are funny!!!

Last week was our first little athletics experience and my Son loved it, however, for all of us parents who had an under 7’s boy we were all new and had no idea how the evening was supposed proceed. We were all looking at each other with slight panic in our eyes because the call for the first race had been made and we were clueless!!!!

Finally a nice lady came up to us and said come with me and I’ll show you the folder and explain what you have to do. Next thing you know I’m wearing the fluro vest and I’m the team leader arrrrhhhh!!!!!

So we had a rocky start and then came out next event; shot put!! so we lined the boys up and tried to figure out which ball is meant to be used for this aged group. Thank goodness someone took the brief moment to show us which one to use. Then another group team leader eloquently said “this is usually where the girls do shot put; boy’s go over the other side of the field but we will go there this time” oh how kind!!!

When the night had finished and I returned the folder and fluro jacket back I was explaining to one of the organiser’s  of our drama’s. He was full of apologies and explained that most of the committee member’s were away due to school trials. I then in a jovial way said ” we were even in the wrong shot put, we should have been at the boys one” that’s when he replied and said “no, it doesn’t really matter which one you go to. It’s first in best dressed”

Some people are funny; just because that lady was obviously more experienced than us, there was no need to be all snooty about it!!! Seriously can someone explain to me how this behavior can make a person feel better about themselves? Here’s the thing, I was clueless last week but this week I will know better and guess what? I’m a pretty good team leader and If I saw a struggling bunch of parents I’m not going to be  misguiding with my information to boost my ego up!!!!

You should never underestimate anyone, because it’s that one who is underestimated  that  gets the can of whip ass and outdoes the small-minded, critical and  insecure individual!!!! hope my message is clear!!!


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