Post a week challenge 2011- a reflection!!

Wow, so we are nearing the end of the year and I have been partaking in the post a week challenge 2011 and I’m glad to say that I’ve done okay, apart from a lagging week here and there. My lagging weeks however had a very good excuse such as, I had to get rid of a stalker , the commencement of study and……yeah being bogged down due to academic reading!!!!

I love being able to write and the weekly challenge helps keep up the commitment. One of the creative ways to partake in the challenge was to be a part of the weekly photo challenge. As I am an Instagram  addict I have many many many photo’s so there were many pic’ to choose from.

I found myself blogging about what is important to me and if something strikes me as outrages I can express it in a post. I like to share my book discoveries or words that interest me.  I like to share about things that inspire and to give voice for those who are effected by VCFS. Blogging regularly has been an expressive joy in my life and certainly hope there is a 2012 challenge.

Some of my most exciting events in 2011 was when I got 729 clicks in just half an hour!! whoo hooo!!!! That’s probably nothing to some people but to me it was awesome!! Another exciting event was when I posted about my local community garden and I made mention of Richard Louv, who is the American journalist who wrote The last child in the woods. Within a couple of hours of pressing publish Richard Louv himself left a comment on my post requesting that I email him.

It’s been a great year and amazingly has gone too fast. I hope you all have a wonderful 2012 and for those who have a blog….keep on posting 🙂


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