Cafe journaling

Today I did my cafe journaling and these are my tools. Very simple and not much to it really.

I am often amazed at the people I meet while I’m out journaling. Today it was the lovely Nikky, we took photo’s of ourselves as I have now entered the iphone family.

Today I did something slightly different as I took a book to read with me as well. I think I’m starting to feel at home and it was lovely to just sit there and read. I’m thinking that when it’s time to go back to school, one of my  strategies will be to study at a busy cafe at a busy shopping center.  I’v noticed my concentration abilities  appear to thrive in this environment. This has been an encouraging day.


2 responses to “Cafe journaling

  1. Love ya and love the blog, you may be surprised at the insightful things you impart. Thank you dear friend, I am so proud of the woman you are and how you look at life, you are an inspiration!!!

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