A laxative for creative constipation

Many adults tell me that they would love to be able draw but then discouraging look comes upon their face as they quickly tell me “oh but I could never be an artist”. It’s like they don’t give them selves the opportunity to really see if they can create art or not.

Are you one of those individuals? Never mind, there is hope but first you must overcome the first obstacle, which I like to call “creative constipation” let me suggest a laxative that I hope might solve this problem.

Please realise this, that the only difference between a person who can draw and who can not is this. The drawer did not stop from their childhood and practiced that skill until they got to a talented stage. They did not allow criticism to stop them in their quest to be a better drawer. When people would say “that doesn’t look like a…….” those comments were ignored.

I stress this point, one can not draw from a critical mind-set it is all done using the right side of the brain, abstractly. What does this mean? Let me give you an example. You know when you might be on the phone and at the same time you start to make scribbles on paper? We commonly call this doodling. Your critical side is being used in conversation allowing your hand to just make marks.

You have to break down that critical side because it stops the flow of your hand and that’s where all the practice is. You also need to give your self permission to have a scribble session and enjoy it.

So what is this laxative? Please go and have a scribble, if you have a stencil go outside the lines on purpose and please just have fun. Do this until you have your breakthrough and remember at this stage, no criticism aloud!