I’m no coffee purist

I’m not a coffee purist so just stick that yummy caramel stuff in my coffee please!!! I was never a coffee drinker until I was introduced and seduced by the caramel cappuccino. I have no shame, non what’s so ever. I don’t care, it’s what I like and I’ll get it every time.

However when it comes to chocolate, I am a chocolate snob. I once again have no shame in admitting that to anyone. I announce it proudly and boldly, dark it needs to be don’t give me that milky watered down stuff. I wont get through it. it’s not for me.

I’m no photography purist either, I’m not missing the dark room. hey isn’t digital a treat. But I am a literary snob, don’t give me an abridge version of a book!! huh, my intelligence has just had a great big swipe!!!!!

So what am I trying to say?? sometimes I can be the biggest snob and other times I’m just no purist at all!!!!!


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