If only I had the power to change this situation!!!

Yesterday morning as I was doing my regular journaling I sat to ponder for a moment about the gods of consumerism and materialism and really had a moment of despair. I’m a person who had tried to live her life not subject to such a tyrant, yet somehow I feel forced to hand over cash to keep the monster at bay because lets face it I live in this society.

I’m talking about the enormous amount of rent us renter’s now have to pay in order for people to be able to pay of their mortgage’s. I feel that renter’s are picking up the slack for those who have bought into the dream and simply can not pay for. I heard of those who are paying astronomical amounts of rent and yet the owner has to sell because the rent doesn’t cover the cost of the repayment’s.

Trust me I’m not a whinger and yes I understand nothing is free in this world but seriously renting should not be this expensive. The rental market where I live is in crisis mode. In order just to get a place you are competing with 50 odd people and the places are well over priced.

My despair is mostly due to the fact that the extra rent I am paying is going into the hands of either a rich westerner which is the case with us or it’s going to an unpaid consumer debt that I never bought into. I haven’t been able to give my money to a charity that repairs cleft palates in Vietnam. I haven’t been able to just put money away to randomly bless unsuspecting people who really need it. I haven’t been able to give money to missionary’s who are devoted to Jesus in another country. This really bother’s me, the weight of these gods I do not worship want to suck me in its vortex of robbery.

I don’t know how to change this  situation. I chose not to get a loan from a bank to buy an illusion yet here I am paying. The way the rental market is now you’d be better of getting your own home, however who’s going to give a loan to those with a low-income? Something has to change, we wont be able to survive under the weight of this deception and stupidity forever. We all have to live somewhere and really it’s not fair that renter’s and those with low incomes have to pick up the slack.

If only I had the power to change this situation!!!!!!!!

or should I be saying how can I change this situation??????