A Playgroup Volunteer

I decided to become a volunteer for Playgroup NSW after attending one with my son for a number of years and felt that I wanted to contribute my gift’s and talents to this organisation. I found it really enjoyable running craft for the children that it was my pleasure to extend that and take it to other playgroups.

Creating an art and craft space for children makes me feel fulfilled as I love the imagination and ability that children have to play. When I facilitate these moments I feel like I’m playing an important part of a child development. Whether I’m getting out some paint and allowing the children to be as messy as possible or creating an underwater adventure these activities are a joy.

My other volunteer role is to visit baby clinic’s to promote awareness of Playgroup. I love doing this as I love that collective new baby motherhoodness (is that a word??) and to be honest I love talking in front of a crowd!!! Promoting playgroup is easy for me as I found it to be a valuable resource to me and my child. I also like the idea of encouraging people to get together and be a support for one another.

I can see myself being a happy volunteer for Playgroup NSW for a long time and I feel that it will complement my studies; Bachelor of education in early childhood. So why not check out you’re local playgroup and give it a go? You never know what friendship’s you will make or what friendship’s your child will form.


I can’t wait to get started!!!

I finally enrolled myself into doing a Bachelor of Education (early childhood) and I can’t wait to start. I’ve been wanting to go back to study for a while now and have been so frustrated by my procrastination that I couldn’t bear yet another year of non study!!!

I’ve decided to go distance learning as it will be flexible and fit into my life style, such us writing in a cafe while my son is at school. As I have been weekly journaling for nearly two years I have proven to myself that I indeed, have the self discipline of committing words to paper of my own accord. I also love the subject matter and feel very passionate about it that I know I will enjoy the journey of study.

I feel that it will empower me with more opportunities for employment and give  strength to what I already know and do on a volunteer basis. I am madly passionate about children being allowed to be children that’s why I love being a volunteer for Playgroup NSW. I visit playgroups and do crazy fun craft activities with the children and get to be like a little kid again for and hour.

I guess a part of me just never grew up and you know what???

I’m glad!!!!!