Garden Gifts

I love it when my garden receives garden gifts.

My definition of a garden gift is where plants grow when I haven’t planted them. The most common garden gifts are pumpkins and tomatoes.

Here are some of my acquired gifts

This pumpkin vine is just one of many which have sprouted from the compost

Asian Greens

 Tromboncini Zucchini

I have to mention that this Tromboncini Zucchini vine died but came back to life and is now doing better than when it was first alive……I call it my Lazarus vine.

These are mango seeds that struck in my worm farm

And here are tomato plants

Garden gifts add a special spark to gardening and I am always grateful for the free food. I feel like it’s the way God had intended it.


The Accidental Gardener

I think I need to call myself The accidental gardener, as everything that has grown successfully in my back yard I didn’t plant. Unfortunately the things that I did plant failed to bloom.

Our potato crop turned out to be dismal, yet on the up side our tomatoes that we didn’t plant are amazing.

And lets talk about my compost……stuff growing everywhere

I’ve decided to let it all grow and see what happens. I’m sure I will learn something as an accidental gardener.