I will Call This Hope

This morning as I was walking to coffee I spotted an awesome sight. It gave me so much excitement that I crossed the road to take pictures.

Why is this so exciting? Or why should this deliver me some hope?

In the wake of our recent budget announcement there is a lot of discouragement within the community that I belong to. Even before the budget announcement there was a general discouragement that had tried to set camp in the community sector. So many people don’t even know if they will have a job in the near future due to cuts to funding.

Although I spent a day feeling great sadness for the future, I decided to turn my eyes up and put my trust in Jesus and found this comforting scripture in Job 5: 15-16 He saves the needy from the sword in their mouth;  he saves them from the clutches of the powerful.So the poor have hope,and injustice shuts its mouth.

Whoo hoo!!

So why does this give me hope? Get to the point Tamar!

This image gives me hope as it shows me that someone is partaking in creativity instead of vandalism. Somebody in the community decided to have some fun engaging in a productive activity instead of mindless violence.

In an area where one often witnesses abandoned shopping trolleys, broken glass, human faeces, syringes, burnt rubbish and general waste the sight of this was like a beacon in the dark.

It’s symbolic of a hopeful future. Lets not give of on hope people. The future is bright.


Gardening And Art

I have come to the conclusion that gardening and art are a harmonious match. For over a year now I have been attending my local community garden and have been expressing myself through creativity which has everyone calling me the “resident artist”.

It really is such an easy environment to be arty farty and I am so glad that there are committed gardeners who create such a place for me to play. Just recently I have started my own backyard permaculture style garden and creating artworks in the backyard is a given.

I started to make a different style of teepee

As I was constructing my installation work I was thinking about the connection between a garden and art. As the  Garden of Eden was the first dwelling place for humans and we are created in God’s image then I am only doing what God did. I am being creative within his creation. I am imitating the great creator and feeling awesome while I do it. I don’t care if that makes me sound weird but, that’s enough for me to rejoice in such a wonderful match.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

My back yard is in for a big change.  Soon there will be a garden

the other day I made a teepee and when I was sitting in it I could then imagine the design of my potential garden. I then got really excited and started marking it out with some left over Bana grass and bamboo.

I expect that as my garden grows and my back yard changes, that so too will my life.

Yesterday I built a Teepee

Yesterday I built a teepee and it felt amazing to do so.

It was started on Sunday when we had a fun day at the community garden and I worked on it yesterday. It reminded me of when I was a child and I used to make floor plans of homes.

I would draw floor plans, make floor plans out of grass clippings or my toys, I would imagine floor plans and play accordingly. I loved looking at display homes and my greatest dream would be that I could look inside all of the neighbourhood houses. I think you could say that I had an obsession with houses.

I reflect on this and think “How remarkable”! I had no desire to become an architect and even today I have no desire to be an architect. Yet here I am in a community garden building a primitive structure that reminds me of my childhood desire to create houses.

I get quiet distressed at what I call ugly new estates, where houses don’t make ecological sense. Houses should reflect personality not wealth. I believe that houses need to reflect an understanding to the environment and should be  a place where we can be ourselves.

Any way, that’s enough of me preaching and here’s some pictures of my teepee.