Garden Love

I’ve made an interesting observation about gardeners; that they are always wanting to share their produce with an abundance of enthusiasm.  Does gardening make one generous? I think that when you partake in gardening that it connects you to the earth and also for me,  it connects me to a facet of God’s love. Gardening is like art, there is something abundant about the nature of such activities and withholding seems such a ludicrous thing to do.

I have found that gardening is better shared. When I reflect back at my experience as a lone gardener I got discouraged very quickly and found myself not enjoying the process any more. Today I am not alone. Although I am not on an eco-village in a straw-bail house (which was the original dream), I am in the middle of suburbia with a strong connection to my local community garden. I can’t express how awesome that makes me feel right now!!!!

The best part of putting this garden together today is, how nothing cost me a cent. Last time I bought everything. I was able to obtain the seed  potato’s from the community garden and the newspaper, compost and mulch were all in my back yard waiting to be used.

The rocks were also obtained from my back yard. I love how I have spent nothing.

I want to live simply and enjoy the abundance that God has for me………I think I can say that I’m living the dream right now 🙂