My Retreat!

For the third year running I was able to go on my getaway. You can read about my previous experiences here and here. I went to the same place and it was still lovely and as usual very renewing to my soul. This time I did a lot more walking and was able to explore the familiar. I did wonder after the third year would it still be as special and I’m please to say that not only was it special but I think it was the best one so far.

When I arrived in Kiama I was a bit early so I went and ordered breakfast and then after that I went an sat on Black Beach (where, here comes the dumb alert: I suddenly realised why Black beach was called so. And with that I got a revelation but that’s another post). I sat for hours and played with the pebbles on the beach and was lost in time.

And I collected treasures

The next day I walked and walked and found the Spring Creek Wetlands which has a bird-hide

Lovely views all around

After that lovely walk I had a rest and lunch in town, basked in the sun at the house then ventured of to another walk I that didn’t know existed in Kiama, The Bonaira Native Garden. Who knew there was a rainforest in Kiama!!!!!

The getaway for me this time made me explore the familiar, it made me slow down and it has helped to recharge and face life again with all of its challenges. May I never ever forget to this special thing as I can’t tell you how important it has become in my survival and my general happiness.