The gift of laughter

This morning I was having a bit of a pity poo party with myself as one does occasionally and as I drove  to my regular My Time group I even had a little cry. As I sat in the car before I went inside I had a little chat to God and asked for some encouragement. So I sniffed away the tears and proceeded to go to my weekly group.

It wasn’t long before  we were having a bit of a laugh about something and one of the autistic kids started laughing at me and I started laughing at him and he started laughing at me and the next thing you know we were in hysterics and then everyone was laughing!!!!

What a gift and a swift answer to my prayer!! Laughter is awesome and we all need to do it!!! Here’s a post that I wrote ages ago about the gift of laughter

The Joy of the Lord is my Strength

I think back to when I first became a Christian, I was 17.  Like most people in the world I’ve experienced  my share of  hardship’s in life. I can can truthfully say that the ribbon that runs unbroken through my interesting life has been my walk with Jesus. I ponder about what a magnificent journey it has been  and I have no desire to exchange the very thing that gives me strength to keep on going through whatever life has thrown out on the path before me.

I have the Joy, it gives me strength, it makes me laugh when there is no reason to laugh. I’ve heard it been said that Jesus is my imaginary friend who I talk to. So be it, to me Jesus is a reality that I base my whole lifestyle upon. It’s that rock that has seen me through many a trial and disturbance. I’ve seen many answer’s to prayer and I’ve seen visions, had dreams, been set free and I’ve been able to make the most wonderful connections with friends.

Today I want to lift Jesus high and I am not ashamed of the true connection that I have with the living God. I want to declare his freedom and love. I want to be astounded by his authority and captivated in the wonder of his creation. This has been going on since I was 17 today I am 38 and The Joy of the Lord has not worn of after all these years.

cafe journaling……taking me to an interesting place!!

Today I did my cafe journaling and I had a lot of things to write about. One of the things I penned was about the creative conference that I attended last week. I am an artist who loves to teach other’s about art  especially children as they have an untainted view of art.  I found the speaker’s to be very inspiring and very much in sync with the opinions that I hold in regard to teaching children anything creative.

However I did have a little sadness within me as my Son has an intellectual disability and his creativity has been somewhat limited. I know this because as a playgroup volunteer I do lots of creative activity’s with young children all the time. My Son’s participation and engagement is very different as his concentration does differ a lot from children his own age.

After being inspired from this creativity conference I tried to get Zachy to draw using a big charcoal stick, he wanted nothing to do with it. Well I did make him get off the X box!!!! I was left feeling somewhat disappointed so I said a little prayer to God and asked The Lord for a strategy. After a moment of tantrum throwing Zachy then said to me that he wanted to go to the park.

So off we went for a walk to the park and this is where I got my idea. I would stop him, pick up a leaf and got him to look at the straight lines that were on the leaf. It was a little challenging at first, as  sometimes it’s  hard to get him to stop and look at something for more than a second. I then made him do a straight line in the air with his finger in which he participated in. We continued to walk and I continued to stop and encouraged him look at anything that was a straight line. We looked at a blade of grass, power lines, the foot path and the stem of a flower. This exercise in observation was a success and I was encouraged that digging a little deeper for my Son is important and rewarding.

I also thought about the things that interest him, such as music. He has a wonderful ability to hear bird calls and imitate them. He likes to make abstract sounds where I then have to whistle in response, he loves to rhyme and he does love to belt out a song on the top of his lungs. Can you see where I’m headed? I realised that my Son’s artistic vocabulary is different to mine, however it’s  just as rich .

As I was writing these reflections in my journal I was feeling excited about my Son’s creativity. One should not underestimate those with an intellectual disability. I feel that I’m called to dig deeper so my Son can have the same opportunity as the children I share my artistic ability with.