I Think I’ve got a Butterfly Theme Going on Here!!

I’m just a bit excited and feel like I’m a kid ready to play and have fun. Last Monday I went op shopping and found myself some pretty delightful bargains!!

I picked up this butterfly dress for $7.50

I couldn’t resist wearing it the other day, on a frightfully rainy come windy kind of stormy day. I felt like a butterfly flitting from place to place.

One of the other items that I was able to purchase is a mosquito net for the gorgeous price of $5.  I was instantly thinking that it would make the best butterfly palace ever!!!! So I hung it on my clothes line and road tested it at home

Now that is nice and so delightfully serene. Forget some exotic location to bring some tranquillity, just get yourself a mozzy net and you’ll be fine.

The next step was to take my net to the garden for yet another road test

Now that looks fantastic and I can’t wait to set up the butterfly palace for the kids at the community garden…….. Sometimes I think that the kids are just an excuse to me to experiment and play.

So the next thing to do is make some butterfly wings and make up a story and in the meantime lets sing this classic song