I’m going to treat myself tomorrow

I’ve decided to give my self an extra cafe journaling session tomorrow. Usually Wednesday’s I drop the little man off to early intervention and then cruise on home to do home stuff. but today I feel a little bit fragile and I think I need a bit of cafe journaling to make me feel a little cozy, comfy and all warm on the inside. I don’t feel massively sad or downcast just feeling perhaps slightly stretched. By stretched I mean I’ve taken on responsibility’s recently that I would never thought I could ever have accomplished in the past. There are more things on my schedule and I’m finding myself a student to new things more frequently.

So what are these things?

I’ve been a worship leader now for over a year and it’s funny to think years ago people said I couldn’t sing in tune. Or trust me when I say this, but I don’t fit the worship leader mold!!! In Gods eyes I’m just what he’s after because I worship in spirit and truth. I’m not blowing my own trumpet I’m simply agreeing with what Jesus Christ said.

I’ve also put my hand up for leadership roles in the community and involving my self on committees. Funny how I’ve always thought meeting’s were such a pretentious activity. Sometimes they are pretentious if you have too many too soon and talk a lot a BS. However meetings at the appropriate times are very beneficial and admittedly quite necessary.

I’m also a volunteer for Playgroup NSW. My thing is to visit different playgroups and do a craft activity with the kids. I find this highly rewarding as I am passionate about art and sharing it with the community. Oops!! that bit sounded like a cover letter for a job. Speaking of Job seeking, I was also on an interview panel with a service that helps my Son. Once again, this is funny because the only job interview I was ever successful at was for a pizza hut delivery driver job.

So all these things are new to me and I’ve been thrown out of my comfort zone.  I think I’m doing well and I’m enjoying myself. However,  I’ve decided that I  need to treat myself with a comforting activity. So tomorrow I will be armed with my vintage tools and I shall journal and sit amongst the people. I shall soak up the atmosphere and enjoy my caramel cappuccino, yes I have caramel for I am no coffee purist. And that my friends is a whole other blog.