Just recently (well maybe for the past year) I have been very busy making the rented house that we live in a home. One of the things that have made this space feel like home is our backyard chickens.

Good morning ladies

Last year I had an incredibly significant dream. I dreamt that I was at my mum’s house and I was tending a garden in the back yard, I was also creating mosaic arts works. As I was doing this I said “but I don’t live here, it’s not my house?” and God replied “this is your inheritance” and I repeated “but I don’t own this house any more, we sold it” and again God said “this is your inheritance” and again I insisted to God “we sold the house, it doesn’t belong to me” and finally God’s answer “Tamar, this is your inheritance”

I woke from and knew immediately what the dream was about. God was telling me that even though I am living in a rented house I am to love it as though I own it. I was being told and given permission by the almighty God to live like a child with an inheritance.

That’s quite a revelation to walk in and one that has given me much peace an excitement. You see by following what God has instructed me to I have been busy planting gardens and building a positive future. Okay, what if the landlord boots us out?


The knowledge that I have gained in my heart about gardens, design or sustainability can never be taken from me. The land lord only has a piece of paper that declares that he is the owner of the property and we take care of the property and pay the rent as responsible citizens that we are.

My inheritance is much more than just ownership……it goes deeper than that.

So enough of the chit-chat and here is some pictures of the creative fun that I have been having making this little abode more than just a dwelling.











This is just the beginning and my head is buzzing with joy as I live as one who has an inheritance in God.




Beautiful Flower

beautiful flower, lovely memories, easy to care for, part of my inheritance, kindness, cheerfulness spreading the love.

when things go sour there is always the nurturing heart, sadness comes, sadness goes, loneliness is sometimes a part of it.

Don’t be afraid, the broken shall be healed, the down cast shall be lifted, life happen’s, things happen, God happen’s and intervene’s.

My future is bright, I don’t need to dwell on great pain or great loss. I’m free to live in joy so my maker tells me so.

I’ll be joyful tomorrow as I weep the night away, I’ll be strong in the morning and rise up with gladness. Integrity and understanding shall be my companions.

I walk not alone, I’m not alone, wisdom has come on board for the ride. side by side