Good Grief, Bad Grief

So, what are the rules when it comes to grief?

You might say there are none but guess again; according to some self-righteous people there are.

There are some people who feel it’s their obligation to write letters via Facebook or on paper to the grieving on how selfish they’re being. There are some who feel it’s their right to discuss, bitch and gossip about how the grieving are being dishonorable to the deceased because their actions of grief don’t measure up to the expert’s standard.

How long should a person grieve for? Perhaps a lifetime?

It comes in waves, over time. sometimes there’s anger or just deep sadness. sometimes there’s feeling of rejection. I’m not in the loop anymore; but was I ever? Sometimes it hits you unexpectedly and then sometimes you see it coming.

It’s a new way of living. It’s brings hidden inner strength. It brings an eventual breakdown. It brings a new way to do life. More is lost when the person dies. Is it innocence? You gain a broken spirit.

You think you are healed then someone else dies or you notice something on Facebook that makes you aware of the distance grief has caused.

Grief’s a Bitch



Cafe journaling…..should I start a movement???

For a year now I’ve been taking my journal to two different cafe’s and journaling. This has been a wonderful and fulfilling experience. I drop my Son of at pre-school take myself to the designated cafe armed with vintage style apparatus; a pen and vintage style dashboard; a diary with paper with lines. I then begin to write down my thoughts with the ease that it’s not going on facebook for the world (or just my friends) to see.

It all started the day I organised for my  Mum’s ashes to be placed in the Crematorium. Once I’d had that moment, which by the way was special, I took myself to Gloria Jeans for a caramel cappuccino. While I was there I pulled out my $2 journal and began to write.  I wrote and I continued to write to this day, I wrote all my angst and painful stuff concerning the passing of my mum. this was so liberating and continues to be. I always look forward to it each week and I have  become a known regular to both cafe’s.

To be honest I’d be a regular regardless of my journaling ways because to do love a sit down chino time, but the pleasure of journaling in that context is brilliant. It’s something that I’d recommend for all to have a try. Go on just give it ago and tell me how good it feels to partake. It makes me wonder should I start a movement??????