I Jumped In

Today I did something new. I stripped down to my bra and undies and had a soak in the ocean. It felt exhilarating, refreshing and a much-needed thing to do at the end of a big weekend.

Prior to having a refreshing soak in the ocean my heart was a bit sore as it had been wounded by a hurting individual who had struck out at my hubby and I for our parenting style.

Instead of ranting all over Facebook, I decided to write my thoughts down in my journal, then I thought I should go to the beach and have a talk to God. When I got to my destination this is what I saw.

How could you look at that and not dive in?

I then did the only sensible thing one must do in this situation and took my clothes off and dived in the water. I floated, soaked, sang and talked to God. As I was floating in the clear water I was imagining that I was floating in Gods love, immersed in his abundant forgiveness and healing. Feeling the bitterness disappear, replaced with the peace of Gods loving kindness.

Wow, what a day.

When you get wounded the worst thing to do, would be to pick up the arsenal of revenge and fire back. I want to follow Heaven’s blue print on this one, as it makes me feel so much better than before.


A tourist in my own home town

When I was planning my getaway destination all I could think of was Kiama my home town where I was born and bred. Well technically I was bred in Kiama Downs but we wont let details get in the way. I believe that it was the best choice as I was relaxed and enjoyed every moment of my getaway. I booked a lovely cottage for two nights that was walking distance to everything.

My first day was rather windy, rainy and freezing but It didn’t stop the joy of being on my getaway for two days and two nights. When I first got to the cottage I made a cup of tea and looked out at the wonderful view and I could feel all this tension leave my body. I sat and had a chat to God and I asked for forgiveness and I too began to forgive the things and situations that had caused my tension for the past six years.

I then decided that It was time to brave the weather and go and have some lunch. When I stepped out of the door I found myself singing out loud. Yes, in the crappy weather and in public I was singing out loud!!! I was so happy and so I should have been, that’s the point of a getaway to enjoy yourself and make it a special time.

It was indeed a special time and a gift that I appreciate with gladness. I feel refreshed and inspired with readiness to keep on going with the normality of life. Sometimes we really do need to treat ourselves with a getaway.