I  know that I’ve used this song before but I felt that it was fitting to use it with this image that  is seen below. This song evokes something in me just like the image. It’s like a stirring within me that shows me how thirsty I am for the presence of God. I am a person who is emotionally self sufficient and some would say, that I am a coper.
I have never been needy and sometimes I have judged others who appear as though they are. Sometimes being this way makes me forget how much God wants to bless and look after me. As much as I have the ability for emotional  sufficiency  God still wants to nurture my soul with His tenderness and love. This walk is a journey. It is one step in front of the other. It is surrender and exchange. It is love.

Journey, worn, old, tired, afraid, stories, adventure


Take the leap, uncharted, new, stepping out,


Pain, turbulence, humility,

lost at sea.

Found again, return, not to the past, return,  to the beginning.

not my own understanding


This is the long haul,


joy, peace, patience,  kindness, goodness,

faithfulness, gentleness,  self-control

the nourishment of them

shall sustain you

along the way


Yielded, pliable, surrendered

comfortable, complacent,

indifferent, sentimental wanting yesteryear.

shut down


but not for long.

The Captain is here.


Believe, courage, continue on

With feet planted firmly on the rock

trust and obedience.

The journey continues

one foot on front of the next


to brighter days.

Days that can not be imagined

yet waiting


hiding in the wings of refuge

knowing safety within the fortress.



It is finished