It’s Never Too Late To Celebrate

I’ve had a wonderful birthday weekend which has taught me that it’s never too late to celebrate a milestone. Two years ago when I turned 40 it was all pretty low-key and I was in no place to celebrate anything.

There had been a tinge of regret for not celebrating my 40th and for some reason I got the brain wave of having a belated 40th which turned into my double 21st!!


I felt like a genius when it all fell into place…..My double 21st on the 21st of March!!! Now that’s much better then having a 40th.

I then got started my planing and started making awesome things like buntings and joined Pintrest…

I went op shopping and found awesome things to style the venue

After collecting all of the wonderful things for styling the venue, I realised that I’d overlooked my outfit so off I went in search and the last op shop I came to I found the perfect dress…$3

I then had to consider my hair style and thought after much Printesting that the Farrah flicks are a must, so I bought curlers.

Grrr Baby

It became much more exciting when it was time to style the venue. It felt like the place became my giant canvas. Oh how I love creativity.

and of course, the party itself which would have been nothing without all of my wonderful guests.

Thank you all my people, you mean so much to me. I look at this birthday with joy and I am glad that I had the opportunity to celebrate a belated mile stone.