So I went to a Book Launch – The King of Sunday Morning.

I was a bit excited yesterday as I went to a book launch of a local author called B J McCauley. I love hearing how an author writes and where they get their inspiration from as it reminds me of my own connection to writing.

He talked about how he has always been a writer and if you are a writer you just write. It’s so true and the same goes with being an artist. It’s something that is a part of who you are and to not do it would be a tragedy.

I certainly appreciated how he thought that 50 shades and all that teenage vampire genre stuff was all well, (he didn’t exactly say crap but he certainly doesn’t value it) not his cup of tea. When you write from who you are, then it will be unique, interesting and worth more than churned out recycled rubbish. (oh dear!! I’m so harsh).

Anyway I bought the book, got it signed, took a picture and I now look forward to reading it.