what a load of crap!!!!

I am enraged right now!! I turned on the telly to watch Dr Phil and there is a bullying story of a 14yr old being tattooed by 4 older boys and then the mum of the bully gets on and defends her Son’s actions!! Or blames the media for telling only one side of the story! Outrages!!! Tell me how we can put a stop to bullying when no one wants to bring the bully into accountability??

What’s going on with the world?? This is a frightening situation and where is the justice? Authority has been stripped from teacher’s and the power has been given to children who don’t have years of wisdom to fall back on. These bullies are out of control and what will happen as they grow to be adults without accountability?

What will happen if more of these types of bullying instances continue to happen without justice being administered? Will parents of the victims begin to take justice? Just a question that we need to ask as who likes to see their child being bullied over and over and over again? Let’s look at Casey, the boy who stuck up for himself and when he did he was the one you got into trouble!!!!

This is the frustration that is boiling in the hearts of many. Not only is there frustration but there is heart ache as more victims are choosing to end their lives. It’s no good just talking about “The end to bullying” but action needs to be put into place too. The return of accountability to ones actions and proper authority restored needs to be put in place. When there is an absence of such things then it leaves the gap wide open for victim’s to inflict their own type of justice.

That’s my rant for the day!!!!!

The Lion of the tribe of Judah….ROARS!!!!!

The story of this painting is very interesting and a testimony of how God can use you with out you even realising it. Going back now a few years ago a former Pastor had a dream of me painting as he was preaching. At the time I didn’t really receive that as my life had recently seen a lot of turmoil and doing a churchy thing seemed out of the question!

I can say at the time I was very disillusioned and felt incredibly unloved, so why would I adventure to bare my soul painting in this kind of environment? So I did what any normal disappointed with the church person would do, I refused to do it.  Other reasons for me at the time for not participating were, concern for my Son who would run a muck in church and secondly I felt that my next spiritual painting was to be “The Lion of the tribe of Judah!!!

I could not for the life of me see myself doing this painting challenge . I wasn’t shy as I’d done this kind of thing before and I knew my capabilities as an artist. No, it just wasn’t the right time. Six months later I started to feel a challenge from the Lord that it was time to take up what was asked of me, so I did.

I did attempt to paint the Lion at home but it wasn’t working so we decided that I should paint it for the church service. I knew something powerful was happening to me as I was painting. I felt  from this experience that God was going to set me free of a lot of things. I painted with enjoyment and really didn’t think about the viewer’s or the preaching.

So the moment passed and I enjoyed myself and received a lot of encouragement from the congregation and I was given an offering of money and the pastor received the painting. It didn’t really bother me at the time that the painting wasn’t in my possession. I am a prolific painter and for me it was just another painting.

Time passed and the Church had a shake up, things weren’t right with the top leadership and they stepped down. It was a good and healthy thing to happen and as a result The Authority of Jesus Christ was reestablished. The Word of God was once again made the focus of our preaching and true worship of the Lord was made right.

So what has this painting have to do with anything? One of our church ladies had a word for me. What she said to me was  that when I painted the Lion it was prophetic for my life and for the church. You see the Lion of the tribe of Judah is about the Authority of Jesus Christ. In the book of  revelation it says  http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Revelation+5&version=NKJV

The way I interpret this situation along with scripture is, that no man can take the place of Jesus.  If you are going to stand up and proclaim Jesus Christ then don’t misrepresent him. I see it as a warning to my life, as I am far from perfect and it encourages me to keep short account’s with God.

It’s a powerful reminder to not become a hypocrite and mess with people’s minds and vulnerability. To never take for granted the position of authority that The Lord has given me. To be a difference in this world for the goodness and glory  of God.

It was then to my delight that the painting made its return to my possession. Since getting it back I’ve been able to share it with other’s and be encouraged by their response. It amazes me that something so simple can affect people on a level beyond words.   I am truly blessed and I hope that this blog makes sense to you and blesses your heart too? I also pray that it gives you hope for the future.

The Joy of the Lord is my Strength

I think back to when I first became a Christian, I was 17.  Like most people in the world I’ve experienced  my share of  hardship’s in life. I can can truthfully say that the ribbon that runs unbroken through my interesting life has been my walk with Jesus. I ponder about what a magnificent journey it has been  and I have no desire to exchange the very thing that gives me strength to keep on going through whatever life has thrown out on the path before me.

I have the Joy, it gives me strength, it makes me laugh when there is no reason to laugh. I’ve heard it been said that Jesus is my imaginary friend who I talk to. So be it, to me Jesus is a reality that I base my whole lifestyle upon. It’s that rock that has seen me through many a trial and disturbance. I’ve seen many answer’s to prayer and I’ve seen visions, had dreams, been set free and I’ve been able to make the most wonderful connections with friends.

Today I want to lift Jesus high and I am not ashamed of the true connection that I have with the living God. I want to declare his freedom and love. I want to be astounded by his authority and captivated in the wonder of his creation. This has been going on since I was 17 today I am 38 and The Joy of the Lord has not worn of after all these years.