Luke Skywalker is Still My Favourite

With all the recent hooha about Star wars I’ve been pondering on how, or if perceptions change from being a child to being  an adult.

When Star Wars first came out I was a kid and I was in awe of it. My favourite scene was when our favourite characters got trapped in the garbage shoot and at the last-minute R2D2 saves them. Go you handy little droid.

My favourite character was Luke Skywalker and I had a big childhood crush on him that lasted throughout the whole star wars trilogy. The crush never faulted.

As I was just a child when this trilogy came out that meant supervision from mum was required. I do know that a lots of mum’s took their kids to see the trilogy. Do you want to know how I know this? I know this because, every time I made mention of my Luke Skywalker crush all the old ladies (I thought that was old back then) including my mum, would say “oh no, Han Solo is the best”

All the mum’s had the hots for Han Solo and whenever I would put forward my Luke preference it was always knocked down.

So lets now stop talking about the archival past and scroll forward to now!!!

My son about a year ago discovered star wars on his own and it became his new obsession. A funny thing happened with that new keen interest; the nostalgia awakened and before anyone could rescue me I discovered I was a full-blown Star wars fan myself.

Now that I’ve got all that bit out-of-the-way lets talk about perceptions as a child to adulthood.

I often wondered if I was a mum when Star wars came out would I be overlooking the lovely Mark Hamill to be perving on the Sexy Harrison Ford? Sure, I get it Harrison is sexy, good-looking and has that cool swagger.  Mark came across very childlike and perhaps a bit bratty especially with that line ”

I Was Going to Toshi Station to Pick Up Some Power Converters

I guess that would turn mum’s off a bit and then you put that next to Han…..okay fair point mums.

Recently I re watched all the starwars films to get myself ready for the new Force Awakens and after all of it I can tell you for certain, Luke Skywalker is still my favourite.

In the New Hope it did seem as though there was a bit of over acting coming from Mark but by the time The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi came out there was more stillness in him yet he conveyed so much.

The reasons why I loved Luke when I was young are still the same as an adult,  nothing has changed. I loved his sincerity for good, his open expression that verges on near goofiness, the fact he was a Jedi, he matured and didn’t turn to the dark side. For some reason this appeals to me.

I also have decided that I like Mark Hamill and he’s hilarious. When he talks I am captivated. In an interview that I saw him do he was expressive, a little bit camp and funny. Those are the things that I like in a person and therefore I was right about my early childhood crush on Luke.

My conclusion of perception from child to adult is, that some things about us never change. The child likeness in Mark that I had picked up on then is something that I still value today. I look at this like a mirror and encourage myself to be inspired by it.

Tamar, You are a good judge of character……May the force be with you







2 responses to “Luke Skywalker is Still My Favourite

  1. A wonderful post. Thank you for sharing your crush (and this fun quick movie clip). I like where it’s taken me. My son (born the year the first one came out – and four the year we stood in line around the block to see the second…me for Harrison) turns 39 on Sunday. I promised him I’d take him to Awakens. Shh! Don’t tell him. I’ve already seen it twice. Here’s to The Force in you.

    • I haven’t taken my son yet either as he’s not keen on going to the movies because of his sensory issues…….although he’s not seen it yet he sees to know stuff already and I have no doubt when he finally sees it on his ipad he’ll teach me heaps more things

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