Free Speech

I’m not one who usually writes about Australian politics and get on the “I hate the Government” bandwagon, however there are times when one has to talk and highlight some things that ruffles ones feathers.

Oh dear!!…..What has Tamar all riled up and ready to talk about such matters???

It started when I read these two articles. Wow, if you have a government job you are urged to dob those in if you see them criticizing our current government on any social media. Um gosh, I read something like this in 1984 by George Orwell and oh, lets not forget what the go is in North Korea.

Now some could say that this is all a distraction from what the government is really up to which could be correct BUT, isn’t free speech an important part of being in a democratic county??? Could it be that freedom to express oneself is a foundation of a healthy government system???

Maybe I’m just naive and need some big important person to tell me how to think and all will be well with the world?

Sure, the previous government were a joke with their disunity and “who’s the Prime Minister this week”….It was a circus really, but how much media control was involved in that. Think about it people of Australia, we were constantly blasted with ridiculous attacks on Julia Gillard’s small breasts and other sexist remarks and we were shown what a control freak that Kevin Rudd was (which he probably was). It was all such a shamozzle.

With our current government, I’m not seeing that same type of circus. Okay, there probably is unity within the ranks and better management but my suspicious little brain is thinking that Tony could be a puppet and the media is playing us all.

Just a free thought. (I can have that can’t I?)

Of course I can, I’m living in Australia.

A land where one can express themselves freely without any nasty repercussions.

A culture where people are encouraged to empower freedom of speech from each other and where disagreeing is okay.

Lets keep it that way peeps


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