A lovely Family Holiday

Just after Christmas we went away for a short family holiday. We took my Mother in Law along, where she got to spend time with her sister who lives on the way to our destination.

Oh dear, the road trip Macca’s pull. Why do we go there for??

I love these hills. They remind me of velvet

yellow, brown velvet hills. I think it’s a potential poem.

We then drove on to where my brother lives at Batlow.

This is his awesome house

Here’s another shot

It’s so good to see that things have worked out great for my brother and his family. They love the town and it looks like the town may love them. In the past couple of years its been tough as we lost my mum to a terrible illness, on this visit it was obvious that life is falling into place for them in a positive way.  You can read about their adventures through My brothers partner, Funken Wagnel.

Besides spending some time with my family we did a little exploring of the place and walked through this glorious hallway of trees, the Sugar Pine Walk.

After spending two days in lovely Batlow it was time to make a move to where my husbands aunty lives. Our son did nothing but cry for the next hour because he wanted to visit Uncle and cousins and go back to Batlow.

He liked that visit.

While we were at my husbands aunties place (where his mum was), we spontaneously decided to buy chickens!!

You can’t see them all but we got four. Their names are Mr Bean (chosen and named by my son), Gandalf, Audrey and Georgia. They are sooooooooo cute!!!!!!

Now that we are home I feel very refreshed and content. Holidays are good for your soul and I’ve just decided, so are baby chickens.


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