Then I was Walking in Daylight

I’ve always been a person who remembers their dreams and this morning was no exception, however, this morning I dreamt something that felt so significant I wanted to write a post about it.

I was walking on a path at night-time and then suddenly I stepped into daylight. It was the most magnificent and amazing feeling as I had never experienced anything like this before. I turned around in wonder to view such a phenomenon and saw black and grey clouds hovering over where I had walked out from and near the entrance there were about seven palm trees standing strong and tall.

I was so fascinated by this that I got out my iphone and began to take snaps. I was almost tempted to walk back into the night to take some pictures, however thought it was a waste of time and decided not to. I noticed a house being built on the cusp of the day and night and attempted to catch a picture of the workers as some had a shadow on them, while others didn’t.

I then continued on the path and saw that the new country was green, beautiful, peaceful and amazing. It was ready for me to explore.

I woke up feeling awesome!

All day I have walked around saying to myself that I’m walking in daylight.


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