A Christian Cliche

Okay Christian people, what gives? I’ve been a Christian for 24 years and there are some things that just annoy me about the culture. One of the things that I’d like to discuss right now, is the silly notion of “we can’t let people sit in the same spot every week”

What the heck? Really? Who cares where people sit?

It is that old thing of “we can’t get religious” and of course the evidence of one being religious is when one chooses to sit in the same seat every week at church, home-group or whatever. To those who think this; you are missing the point and by making a big deal out of shuffling someone from their seat, you are just showing the world how petty we Christians are.

Tell me, what would Cheers be without Norm and Cliff or what would The Muppet Show be without these two hecklers ?? Come on, it’s called being human and that’s okay.(Yes, I know the Muppets aren’t human but they capture human essence).  I have been a public transport person for many years and guess what? When commuting regularly one tends to sit in their habitual spot and that’s okay.  As a result of this environment I have met many lovely people and there is something special when everyone has their spot. Yes, it’s safe and comfortable and tell me, what’s wrong with that????.

When engaging in community spaces people tend to sit in their “spot” for very specific reasons. I would sit every week in church at the same spot because it’s the easiest way to deal with my son. Just recently I was bumped out of my spot but I didn’t mind because it’s no big deal and I also understood the reason; it’s the easiest way for this young mum  to deal with her daughter.

Listen my brothers and sisters in Christ, can we talk about the things that matter rather than trying to move people around like a chess game? Know this, I am not a chess piece and I will not play along. Why am I ranting for? Because I am sick of this Christian cliché, I’m sick of going along with it, I’m sick of everyone having a false guilt for being human and I am challenging this thought process as I think it’s a tired and religious way of being.

Now let us all engage in a big cyber hug.


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