A new Discovery

I’m feeling very inspired right now as I have discovered the lovely Melanie Safka who sang a host of very familiar songs but WHY ON EARTH HAVE I NEVER HEARD OF HER BEFORE!!!!!

One of my favourites is this one; Lay down (candles in the rain)

I first heard of this song in the 90’s when Max Sharam brought it out. The amazing timing of this, was when it came out I had written a song with the same melody just weeks before.

Today I was reminded of this song and the connection that I have with it. I was pleased to discover a beautiful songstress and now I am utterly inspired.

I feel like I am bubbling with excitement and creativity, I am not the best song writer or guitar player but I have passion, I am not polished but I am roar, I am not tidy but I am very interesting and I am a dreamer but I am grounded.

I had dreams that seemed to have gotten lost in the crowd of life, yet somehow I think they may come alive again? I really don’t know everything that I want to say. I’m just excited and feel a release of some sort. I hope that I am making sense lol

Here is a picture of what I looked like when I wrote my song. I think that I was 22.



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