Are The Chariots Of Fire Coming Soon?

Yesterday our church, Grace Church experienced something special and significant as our Senior Pastors Kim and Maggie laid hands on the associate Pastors Eugene and Angie and prayed that they would receive a double portion of what they have. The inspiration for this comes from 2 Kings 2: 1-15.

For the past four years Kim and Maggie with Eugene and Angie have run the church with love and grace that have caused many of us to call each other family. Two years ago Kim received the bad news of cancer and the prognosis was not good, yet two years later he is still alive, where according to doctors he shouldn’t still be here.

We are all believing for a miracle for his complete healing, however the manifestation of that healing hasn’t yet emerged. As we do not know our future we trust in God and out of obedience to the Holy Spirit the leadership heard and as a result, Sunday happened.

In the event of the worse case scenario occurring and our dearest Kim is taken, then we the church will be okay. We will miss him but as a result of Sunday we know that the transition will be a smooth one. Kim and Maggie are not going anywhere as they still will be senior Pastors but the assurance of the future that our church will be fine what ever the outcome.

Last night I was reflecting and I asked the Lord “Are the chariots of fire coming soon?”

We don’t know what is going to happen but we will not give up hope. We have a cry, grieve and believe again. Cancer is nasty but God is bigger and more powerful that what ever happens to Kim God has the victory forever and ever amen!!


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