Memorable books part 3

Here is my third instalment of Tamar’s memorable books. Here are my first and second if you would like to read those too.

  • A visit from the good squad by Jennifer Egan. This was such an exciting and interesting read. I liked the way that each chapter jumps to a different character at different times in history. It reminded me of Tim Winton’s novel The turning. I liked how stories crossed over and characters met at different times. It had creative and different approaches to telling everyone’s story. It resonates strongly with me as I love to hear people’s stories and I love how in real life we know people and they come into our lives at different times.
  • The Shack  by William P. Young. Now here’s a book that I had to read because it seemed to pop up everywhere such as, a lady reading it in the waiting room at the doctors, heaps of people on Facebook and people in conversation talking about it!! When holidaying a couple of years ago I bought it and snapped it up overnight. It was Gripping!!!!!! It was challenging and wow, what an ending. It’s about a man who is grief-stricken by the disappearance of his daughter and one day he gets a mysterious invitation to the shack, near where his daughter was last seen.
  • Goodnight Mr Tom by Michelle Magorian. This was such a heart wrenching story and I am glad that I seeked it out. I first heard about it when I read a chapter in The School Magazine (remember that!!). I thought about that excerpt for a long time and eventually decided it was time to read the book. It’s a story set in the wartime when children in London were billeted out to the country for their safety. It’s a story abuse, love, kindness, trauma mental illness, grief and gratefully a happy ending.
  • House Rules by Jodi Picoult. So, I’m a bit over Jody Picoult. It happened after my 4th novel of her’s but when this was given to me I was glad as I was informed by another (I’m so over Jody Picoult reader) that this was a brilliant read. She worked with kids with special needs, my son included. I have to say that I enjoyed the book and in many ways found myself relating to it a lot . Jode’s has done a great job with this one.
  • Gone by Chris Nyst. When on our travels a number of years ago I bought a book in the second-hand book shop in Bairnsdale VIC and I stumbled upon this captivating novel. It’s a fiction that echo’s one of the most infamous missing children’s story in Australia’s history, The beaumont children disappearance.  It makes your mind think of so many things and just makes you wonder. Why are we so gripped by mystery? That question is just as intriguing to me as the mystery itself. Anyway this book was one that was a page turner and I reread at a later date. Oh, and unlike the true story at least this fiction has a resolution.
  • Justice denied : An Investigation into the Death of Jaidyn Leskie by Robin Bowles. I know, another crime story! I must confess, I like to read about true crime, especially Australian. I remember when Little Jaidyn Leskie went missing then some time later his body was found in a dam. I, like a lot of Aussies looked at the mother and judged her harshly. After reading this book I immediately ceased to judge her. She made a lot of unwise choices and she has paid big-time for them. I have no doubt that she loved her little boy and as a result of this tragedy she now makes better choices. This book just makes you question everything about the case and all you want, is justice for Jaidyn Leskie.
  • The outsiders by S E Hinton. I had to read this book at school and it really took me in. I felt like the characters were real people and the author made you empathise and cry. I just wonder if I read it today would it have the same impact? What really interested me at the time too, was that the author was only 16 when she began to write it. This inspired me to start writing my own fiction novel, however mine didn’t really go anywhere (just one chapter :))
  • Anna Karienin by Leo Tolstoy. Wow!! What an epic tale, and let me just continue by saying how proud of my effort for getting through it. It took me three weeks, ohmygoodness was it ever going to end??? I only decided to read it as it was featured on The book club (formally known as The first Tuesday book club). Everybody seemed quite excited about it and I felt left out by having not read it. So first opportunity to get a hold of it and I gave it ago. It was full of drama, humour, sadness and tragedy and I was gripped. There was one scene that I thought was so gorgeous and it was when Kitty and Levin write on a table with chalk to communicate how they feel about each other. It kind of reminded me of all those Youtube videos you see where the man proposes through a music production. I know, not exact but the cuteness is there in both scenarios and when I was reading it I got so excited for them both. This is a book that I highly recommend but please note, its epic and you might need a month.

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