But He Likes Led Zeppelin!!!

We are a family who is affected by VCFS  and on most days its like an adventure where life truly is interesting and a delight. Although I have come to terms with the initial grief of having a child with a disability there are moments when it hits you in the face. Most of these moments are unexpected, for example when I asked if I could do something with his class I was refused. The reason given was because when his class gets visitors they find it hard to settle down, which I get and understand.  This made me feel extremely sad because if he was a normal child I would be invited to do reading in the class.

This is just one of many examples where his differences are pointed out to me in an obvious way and you can’t stop the grief from occurring.  The other side of the coin though, is a much more interesting version of events. When I get sad about his differences I think to myself “But he likes Led Zeppelin”.  

We were watching 60 minutes one night and Robert Plant was being interviewed. My son was enthralled by the music and asked “Can Daddy put this on my ipad?” I said “Do you like this? ” and he said “Yeah, its Rock n Roll”. I then understood why The Wiggles never cut it with him and could not have been more proud of him then in that moment.

My son has so many things going for him and I really just want to focus on the positives. I love how he has declared himself a drummer and can actually play the drums. I was amazed one day when the cicadas were singing he knew the moment when they would stop. He said to me “here comes the switch, here comes the switch” and the cicadas were silent. I love how I can test his sound memory by playing a particular colour on his xylophone and he gets the right colour every time. I love how he watches tutorials on YouTube about his apps then recites them. These are the things that I think about and choose to focus on especially when I have a down moment about VCFS.

Although he may appear that he is behind his peers, in some ways he is far ahead and that just makes my heart smile 🙂


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