A Funny Thing Happened at The Servo

For a couple of months now there has been a group of community members who have been cleaning up a local eyesore to make it into a place of inspiration and creativity. Last month another community artist and myself started painting some murals on one half of the servo walls.

However, a wonderful volunteer with a spray gun got very enthusiastic when they were asked to paint the other half of the servo and ended up painting over our started murals.


My response is “That’s okay, I can do it again. There’s plenty more from where that came from”

And that has got me thinking. It doesn’t matter how many times my work gets painted over or lost as there is always an abundance of where it came from. I guess the world can attempt to white wash me or quieten me down, however it won’t work completely as while there is creativity there will always be something to express.

It then occurred to me that I am indeed a very rich and wealthy person as I have an abundance of ideas that makes me have an interesting life. I have to say that my results are not the most important part for me, as the act of creativity is what gets my buttons pushed to excitement.

I’ll finish with this little thought and by saying so I hope that I can inspire a would be artist to just get started and give it a  go!!!!

 I am a prolific artist and work with the premise that I do 90% rubbish to get to the 10% genius.


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