A Weekend of Flight

I have had quite a thematic weekend and it seems to be all about flight. On Saturday morning it was my besty’s birthday breakfast

That’s her in the maroon with her niece Yazzy.

After breakfast my friend suggested that we go for a drive.

I love that, drives are so awesome!

I do miss that about my mum. We would always go for a nice drive somewhere and it was always so easy.

We ended up at Bald Hill Stanwell Tops and on such a beautiful day the hang gliders were out.

This then inspired us to start singing this song

The next day which was Sunday our little family went to Wings Over Illawarra.

We caught a train and walked to the air port.

For a good family day out this is a great thing to go to.

There was so much space that even though there were stacks of people it wasn’t too crowded.

Oh look!! Famous person called Tom

I even had time to have a little lie down

Flight is such a lovely theme to focus on and I think that God is trying to tell me something.

I’m listening.


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