The Frisbee Saga

See this humble little frisbee, It’s been on an adventure and this is its story.

This frisbee came to our house not via going to Hungry Jacks as we never go there but nevertheless we ended up with this propaganda marketing tool in our house. My son who has fixations on things didn’t even care about this frisbee until just recently. He began to throw it in his bedroom instead of going to sleep.

That’s annoying, especially when he loses it somewhere in the mess of his room!!!!


So there was consequences.

On Tuesday it was garden day and my son couldn’t wait to take his frisbee down to the garden and  as we were about to leave he decides to have a throw of it…… his bedroom!

Of course there was consequences.

We could not find it anywhere, no where….I COULD NOT FIND IT!!!!!!!!

I looked, I prayed, I looked and desperately tried not to get frustrated as my son alongside me was. I looked, I prayed, I searched high, I searched low. Nowhere could I find this  little frisbee. In the end I gave him a lid of a container and said “that will have to do”. Before we left I decided to brush my teeth and as I glanced around I saw that the frisbee was positioned behind a painting that I had leaning against the hallway wall.

“Yeah” said I an hour later “let’s go to the garden” and as we left it started to rain %$^%^%!!

Nevertheless we persevered to our destination with an umbrella in tow.

So my son had a jolly good time down at the garden throwing it everywhere, at someone’s head….arrrrhhhhhhh!!!! DON’T DO THAT!! On top of the portable pergola, on garden beds NOT THERE EITHER. Nevertheless, he had a very enjoyable day and so did I.

Towards the end of the day a few of us helped Martie (one of the local gardeners) take a whole bunch of seedlings to her house so that she could look after them. My son and his frisbee came too. As we were in Marties backyard My son begins to throw his frisbee around and it landed over the fence into a neighbours back yard. Darren then jumped over to retrieve it and in the process nearly gave poor Martie a heart attack “Get your arse out of that back yard NOW!! There is a vicious dog that lives there” Darren survived and so did the frisbee!!

The next day the frisbee went along to Skoolzout (School holiday activities) as it was Wednesday  and Wednesday is news day apparently   the fribee was to be the subject of his news. At least by now he wasn’t throwing the frisbee inside the house and good for him, he held onto it until we got to Skoolzout.

When I went to pick him up in the arvo, the frisbee saga had continued. First they said it landed on the roof, which they were able to retrieve only then for it to land a few moments later on the big roof that is acts as a  shelter.

Oh dear!!!

They could not get it down and even one of the guys went up the Hungry Jacks to see if they could get a new one but there wasn’t any. So the frisbee had to stay on the big roof overnight until they could access a huge ladder.

So on Thursday afternoon when we went to pick him up he has his little frisbee

The end

I hope!!!!


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