Queen Street Servo

For a couple of months I have been a part of a really exciting community project.

This is the Queen Street Servo in Warilla  and the plan is to tidy it up, splash some paint and turn it into a place for community gatherings. This of course will only happen if people with vision get involved.  It’s easy to sit back with a cynic eye but I really believe something great can come out of this.

I think “Why not?” Why not believe that something that is a bit of an eye-saw, can be turned into something positive and that’s why I’ve put my hand up to be a part of this project. It’s also great to be a part of a team and that’s one of the special things about joining a project like this.

For a more detailed outline of the project here is a post by ABCD Illawarra describing all the cool things that can happen at the Queen Street Servo


4 responses to “Queen Street Servo

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