Giving and Receiving.

I’m starting to have a fresh revelation about generosity and what it is to be a giver.

I remember a while back when I didn’t have a car due do unexpected circumstances that I began to believe God for a miracle. A part of the manifestation of that miracle was for me to start being a person who gave money away. Inevitably I received a car from a very lovely lady indeed.

Today I have a deeper revelation about what generosity is and it’s changing my life.

For the past year we have been in a situation that our finances haven’t been enough to cover our expenses and we have been vulnerable and put in a situation of helplessness. In this time I have learnt to be a receiver and have been receiving gladly. I’m not talking about being an ungratefully selfish taker but a receiver with a thankful heart.

Most of my life I have seen myself as one who is like a camel in the desert just wondering from one water hole to the next but that is not God’s plan for me!!! I am to walk in the abundance and the abundance has been showering down on me like I’ve never before experienced in my life.

Today as I went to pay for my chi latte and egg and bacon roll it had been paid for…… AGAIN!!!! This has been happening to me for the past month!!! The shower of blessing has been coming my way and I am ever grateful every time that it happens. But guess what??? I tried to do the same to at least three people today and they refused.

What is wrong with you people????? Don’t you realise that this shower of blessing that is on my life is amazing???

This is when I suddenly realised that as a person who has been receiving at lot lately that I had to overcome much shame. I’ve had to realise The love of God and there is nothing that I can do that will make God love me any more then he does right now. I had to put aside my pride and just accept that I am a person who has needs. I also now can see that my giving has changed.

When I give now I am giving from the experience that has come upon me and I just want to share indiscriminately and joyfully. I feel that my giving is because I have been given to and I don’t have any bragging rights with that.

Anyway, I haven’t had time to really mull this thought over but I know that I’m on to something…….just learn to receive as I believe that it will make you a much more compassionate giver…amen.


2 responses to “Giving and Receiving.

  1. You are so indeed are on to something. I can relate to everything you wrote in giving and receiving. And how fascinating it is that receiving is almost a skill needed to be relearned because of conditioning for one part and the other part is the learning of distinguishing of what is true honest giving and what is in fact trading. In my experience it took a long time (besides shame) to trust that the giver was truly giving and not trading. Almost there, but not quite yet 🙂 Nothing wrong with trading as long as it’s in the open. Whereas giving, true giving is set free as the gift is given… sorry, almost writing a post here 🙂 As you can tell, many reflections on exactly this subject..

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