Lets Talk About The Hair

Okay, lets talk about the hair!!

No; I am not doing a Britney Spears, I am not attempting any kind of rebellion, I am not trying to make a statement and I am not about to burn my bra (they are expensive).

I did it simply because I can. Yep, that’s right, I did it because I can and I had enough of my hair being long. I did it because I have the ability to make a choice and I quite like the look. It’s the fifth time that I’ve done this and every time I do, I feel liberated.

It always amuses me when people project their ideas upon why I would do this. If you can’t see that I do this for the act of freedom then you are mistaken.

It reminds me of the time  I cut my long blond hair when I was age 23 and wow, didn’t that create fear in others!!!!

I am not my hair I am Tamar 🙂

In spite of my recent peak of anxiety due to many stressful things happening in my life, I am happy. I am a person who enjoys life and has always felt free to be me. I like to break out in spontaneous singing and have a little dance. I like laughing and making others laugh too. I like to hold onto hope and live there, like some visionary who finds the future an exciting place. I live in the Truth and I know the truth. John 8:36 When The Truth sets you free you’re free indeed

I suggest that when you see me, gage your response and ask your self why?? Why are you thinking the thoughts you have? Don’t be afraid to be honest with yourself. You might just find something  out about your self??

Happy reflective thoughts xxxx


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