It’s time to grow up

You know what I am sick of? All the hooha that surrounds the feeding of the most vulnerable people of our society; babies!!!

Just recently Koschie from Sunrise caused a stir with his discreet comment when it comes to women breast-feeding in public.  Many blogs and pictures on Facebook have displayed a good point, that nobody seems to be outraged when girls wear skimpy clothes that ride up their bum but God forbid any poor suckling infant that needs a drink at the most inconvenient time.

Yes little baby, a lot of adults in this country have a big problem when you need to have your basic human right fulfilled. They see your source of nourishment as offensive in public for some reason???

`And I’m not finished there.

You breastfeeding Nazi’s that put pressure on mum’s to breast feed, BACK OFF NOW. Some women do not get their milk and  some babies can not suck due to a medical condition, as is the case with me. Sometimes this actually happens and as the uptight society that we are when it comes to feeding infants we don’t provide support for those who have to bottle feed their baby. Aside from medical conditions breastfeeding is difficult for some and if a women chooses to bottle feed her child then three cheers for her, her baby is not going to starve to death.

I’m tired of the pathetic attitudes that surround this topic. How do other nations and races handle this natural situation?? Most probably with maturity that is lacking in this great nation of Australia. I suggest that we all grow up and start supporting each other with a big group hug….hang on, is that even allowed these days?? Hugging??

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