Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures

January  This is the month where I spent a day with my cousins at Minnamurra river where we scattered our Grandparents and their Mother’s (my Aunty) ashes. We then grabbed some fish and chips while we reminisced about our family, the river and what is was like to grow up by the river.



February  I went for a lot of walks around the lake and really started to appreciate where I live.


March I read this book and really enjoyed it as I could relate to it. I thought that I would never read Jodi Picoult again but this one is worth it.  I was also doing one subject so I had more time to read a book


April I drew this picture as I went for a walk around the lake and started to get sick of how an artist is undervalued in this society. God made me to be an artist and what I do is of high value no matter what this society tells me.


May  This is where I began to realise that it’s not okay for people to patronize, condescend or undervalue what I bring to the table. I may be a quirky girl who drums to a different beat to the rest of the world but that doesn’t mean that I became the joke of society….although I am funny and can make people laugh at funerals!!!


June This is when I started the whole “be kind to yourself” thing. Having a cuppa in the sun while reading….nice.


July Now this is an awesome memory as I took it when I was on my getaway

August Now things are getting brighter. This is me taking my paints to the garden and discovering how even more awesome a community garden can be. This is also called being kind to myself.


September Oh my goodness!!! now it’s getting really exciting as i begin to create installation works with stuff I find at the garden!!!!


October Like I said, the excitement is building with  creativity flowing like a river as I take the plunge of making a butterfly palace and teepee…..life is good 🙂


November Now this is very cool, my bff moved back to the area!!!!!!


December And last but not least….Merry Christmas and a happy new year xxxxx



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