Charlie Mgee

On Thursday night I went and saw a live performance by Charlie Mgee  at the Flame Tree Community food Coop at Thirroul. Charlie is an  awesome ukulele player who writes all his songs about pemaculture as he endeavours to educate the world through his catchy songs.

Some songs really struck out at me such as, the edge. He explained that planting on the edge of places that nobody thinks of is one of the best ways to practice permaculture principles. Living on the edge is a more interesting place and I think I would have to agree.

Another song that spoke to me was about obtaining your yield  We must obtain a yield, whether it’s produce or the happy feeling one gets when they reap what is sown. This makes a lot of sense to me and I’m sure it the way God intended it. Jesus said that he came to give life and life in abundance, yet many don’t grasp that and live a life where there is limited yield.

Sorry if that sounded all preachy but I’m talking to myself here and it’s time for me to really be still and know that God is God and I am to receive the abundance and obtain my yield!!!

Anyway I’ll leave you with this catchy number and I hope you enjoy the tunes of Charlie Mgee


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